Seelan Paul

I am someone who is fuelled by music, movies and sports. I love working on projects, Linkedin/Twitter junkie and a big fan of Liverpool. Apart from being an advocate for smiling I also encourage everyone I know to have a balance and active life. I am still working on hitting my ideal weight by the way. Love this journey of life, the beauty and the challenges it throws at you.

Anida Mohd Tahrim

Be what you are, don't be what you ain't. If you be what you ain't, you ain't what you are... but pls be who you are in a nice way. And long live to steamboat and volleyball.

Elaine Lee

Superserving with utmost passion delivery creative solution. It gets better with a pint of stout.

Alex Poon

We always explore new digital and tech innovations to build effective campaigns for partners and listeners.

Faizah Ahmad Kamari

Finance & Administration are 2 different things, yet much related to each other. Formally received education in accounting and managing the financial operations has trained me to be more practical, detail-oriented and analytical. On the other side, administration taught me on problem solving, effective communication, flexibility and negotiation skills. In Ripple, I learned much about teamwork, always humble and superserve! Upgrade yourself coz knowledge is power.

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