1.23B Video Views

61M Page Views

95M Digital Listens

* As of 31 December 2020

Welcome to Ripple

RIPPLE (formerly known as Media Prima Radio Networks) is an audience-focused radio brand offering solutions through multiple touch-points of radio such as digital, influencers and experiences. As such, RIPPLE is represented through four broadcast brands – Fly FM, Hot FM, One FM and Kool FM, as well as a podcast platform, Ais Kacang.

RIPPLE has garnered close to 13 million digital followers as well as 95 million digital listens and 1.23 billion video views through its brands. RIPPLE utilizes the collective data available to deliver first rate solutions and content to brands and audiences respectively.

Team Ripple

Meet our incredible captains that lead the ship with full of dedication, love and fun.

Muhammad Nazri bin Noran
Aaron Giles Pinto
Datuk Yaacob Bahatiar bin Abdullah
Anida Mohd Tahrim​

Be what you are, don’t be what you ain’t. If you be what you ain’t, you ain’t what you are… but pls be who you are in a nice way. And long live to steamboat and volleyball.

Alex Poon​​

We always explore new digital and tech innovations to build effective campaigns for partners and listeners.

Faizah Ahmad Kamari​

Finance & Administration are 2 different things, yet much related to each other. Formally received education in accounting and managing the financial operations has trained me to be more practical, detail-oriented and analytical. On the other side, administration taught me on problem solving, effective communication, flexibility and negotiation skills. In Ripple, I learned much about teamwork, always humble and superserve! Upgrade yourself coz knowledge is power.