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Create awareness among Malay audience & make Giant as their preferred hypermarket during the Ramadan/Raya season.



Thelaki created a video content that contains funny raya-related ‘puns’ or jokes that were relevant and close to their audience’s heart alongside with an editorial about tips on getting ready for Hari Raya at Giant. On the other hand, Donna has made a video & editorial series on using easy ingredients from Giant to create simple food recipes throughout the Ramadan month. This is to showcase that Giant is the ultimate one-stop centre for all their Ramadan Raya needs.



The video series has successfully garnered; 

  • More than 233,000 video views 
  • More than 1.1 Million page views


Source: Combined data from Facebook, Twitter & Instagram




‘PUN-TUN RAYA’ by Thelaki   

Read the full article here:


‘Sup Bebola Daging’ by Donna

Read the full article here: ‘Menyegarkan Hirup Sup Ketika Sahur

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