RIPPLE offers our clients a world beyond radio advertising. Connect with us to get the best solutions through multiple touch-points of radio.

Deliver creative digital solutions to our huge digital community.

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Station’s signature and special content that are made originally for digital platform or as an extension to on-air content.

The best way to get audiences’ engagement and attention on social media for our clients is through content.

Fly FM Get Wipe-ed Out!

Bro Cuba Kukur Santan Challenge



不会画眉的朋友可以学@Hana心怡 一下?!😂 #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #搞笑 #laughathome #onefm

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A creation of content that is funded or outright produced by an advertiser/client. Designed to build awareness for a brand by associating it with content that shares its values. The content does not necessarily need to be a promotion for the brand, although it may still include product placement.

Facebook live panel discussion on a certain issue or topic related to the community.


An advertisement or paid content via editorial format that appear in the websites of Ripple broadcast. It is used to educate prospective audience about the features of a product/services.

Tip Perjalanan Yang Lebih Selamat Pada Musim Perayaan

A podcast with a series of on-demand digital audio files that often focus on a particular topic or theme.

Audio sample

Audio sample

Audio sample

Website advertising inventory is the number of advertisements, or amount of ad space in Ripple’s brands website, that are available to sell to an advertiser. i.e. Medium Rectangle, Leaderboard, Mini Main Highlight, Site Domination, Page Peel, etc.


A digital advertising product that is very focused and only speaks to the online listening community. (Different ad to appear based on the platform that the listeners use to listen to the radio channel – live broadcast OR digital devices).

Audio sample

We help to connect and create engagement for your brands with our audience on real-life experiences via on-ground activations.

A mini extension of activation promotional activities by leveraging on existing client’s event or location.

Our radio influencers and/or our fantastic on-ground team to hype up client’s event with fun filled games and activities for 2 hours.

Standard on-ground crosses for 30 minutes based on client’s location request.

A radio programme which is broadcast from a location away from the normal studio setting.

Let’s explore on taking our radio show on the road as a way to be more closer to the audience while can build more interaction with the crowd during the event day!


A live report from a designated location for a specific event. This live update is dedicated to a specific client, no other client will be mentioned during the live report.

A 30 minutes quick-stop activation by the on-ground team at various locations throughout the day to give out station and client products.

Not your next door radio influencers! Leverage on our influencers’ strong presence on radio and digital platforms to build stronger impact for your campaigns.

Social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers–individuals who have a dedicated social following.

Social Media posting in a format of photo or video to further hyping all sales promo campaign.

A voluntary opinion which the influencers share their experiences about client’s product or service.

Talent association via influencers personal participation in the campaign (mentioning their name and such) throughout campaign duration.


  • Talent association via influencers personal participation in the campaign (mentioning their name and such) throughout campaign duration.
  • 3 mentions of the campaign via personal social media (any social media) throughout the campaign. No hard sell, more of storytelling.
  • To support client’s event OR on-ground CLR.
  • Only applicable for 3 weeks campaign with Ripple.

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Talent association live read is when a specific radio announcer associating their name & story in the script to create a more credible campaign messaging while delivering extraordinary results.


  • Talent association is subjected to talent discretion & talent’s availability.
  • Talent association cannot be utilize on any other form of media.
  • All talent association script and material are subjected to station’s approval, especially for food and beauty product category with claims involved.
  • Barring of advertisers of same category applied to announcer with endorsement.
  • Talent Association is a premium product with strict pricing, terms and conditions and no discount.
  • Talent fee = 10% from the total cost of live read spots.

Audio sample Parkson Card – Fly FM

Audio sample PTPTN – Hot FM

Audio sample PTPTN – One FM

Interview with Vit’s Product

Interview with SPR

Enhance the story-telling and solutions through a bigger Media Prima’s ecosystem.

A CSR campaign where Mamee gave out 2.5 millions packs of Mamee biscuit & 2.5 millions pack of noodles & a sing-along initiative for their campaign song, Sama-Sama by Freedom which has been covered by Hanie Soraya.


Jam Hot Topic of the Day



Topic of the Day



Topic of the Day


Standard on-ground crosses for 30 minutes based on client’s location request.

Hot FM

One FM

Kool FM

Take a look at our past campaigns and the amazing results that we have delivered for our clients.


To promote and hype up Maggi’s newly launched product- Maggi Pedas Giler 2x, as well as increase consumption amongst our audience.


To demonstrate an online contest journey that encourages food testing to the masses and also to create awareness around McDonald’s ongoing localization campaign.

U Mobile

To promote and celebrate U Mobile’s latest prepaid plan – Unlimited Funz with unlimited data that give its users access to free data for PUBG Mobile & Mobile Legend, as well as social media and messaging.


To spread awareness of the importance and benefits of collagen to our skin as well as sales conversion among the target market in conjunction with Kinohimitsu collagen month.