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Ripple Introduces Audience-Focused Consumer-To-Consumer E-Commerce Platform

Ripple Introduces Audience-Focused Consumer-To-Consumer E-Commerce Platform

Malaysia’s e-commerce industry is expected to hit a GDP contribution of MYR 114 billion benchmarks in 2020[1]. It is the epitome of a major shift in consumer behavior, from physical retail to a more seamless, hassle-free online experience. According to Google Analytics, almost 40% of 6 Ripple’s brands, namely – Dhia, Donna, Thelaki, Likely, Wakeke and Chapters monthly traffic comes from users with purchase intent across diverse in-market segments [2], hence presenting the opportunity for us to leverage and further utilize our platforms to enrich their experience by introducing consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace feature!


Starting October 2019, our community will be able to list brand new and preloved items on each of the brand’s website for our consumers to shop in a safe and secure marketplace, powered by our high volume of marketing initiatives through our on-air and digital platforms. 


“Our C2C initiative ensures safety transaction as our customers will be buying and selling on a platform that is brand safe,” said Alex Poon, General Manager Tech and Shared Services of Ripple. He also added that “C2C is a modern-day classified platform among consumers as all advertising has moved from newspapers to digital.” 


General Manager of Sales and Commerce, Elaine Lee reflects on this new feature as a manifestation of deep understanding on things that keep the community that Ripple is currently building to continue to be excited with the ecosystem, while at the same time, serves as an extension of the well-received content-heavy platform to our audiences. “Each of our digital brands has proven to be a natural playground for our audience to socialize – and this latest initiative is our response to this development. As the ‘guardian’, we feel obligated to further enhance this community’s needs and wants” she added. 


Check out our audience-focused marketplace platforms here:

Dhia []

Donna [

Thelaki [

Likely [

Wakeke [

Chapters [


About Ripple 

Ripple is an audience-focused broadcast and commerce company. Our main purpose is to connect with mass communities through content, experiences and talents using the various platforms that we provide. Each platform reaches a cumulative of 3 different demographics of all ages – Malay, English & Chinese. Our platforms include our 4 broadcast brands; Hot FM, Fly FM, One FM & Kool FM, our 7 digital brands; Thelaki, Dhia, Donna, Lunaria, Likely, Wakeke and Chapters, our e-commerce brand; SuperDeals and our podcast platform; Ais Kacang. Check us out at to find out more about what we do. 



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