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Ripple Kick-Off 2020

Ripple Kick-Off 2020

For us #AwesomeRipplers, it has become a tradition to do our yearly review session in the most chillaxed setting, which is why we’ve been organizing our Ripple Kick-Off session away from our office for a few years now.

This year is no different, as we had a quick two days getaway at Port Dickson. The event was filled with enlightening briefing sessions on Ripple’s 2020 direction from our senior management team, as well as some engaging activities too!

Attended by all unit heads, it happened to be the perfect timing for all of us to share our ideas and concerns in sustaining the best offerings for our stakeholders next year. All in all, we are all geared up to welcome 2020!  

Date: 9th – 10th December 2019

Venue: Sri Pena, Port Dickson



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